Outdoor Events

Outdoor Events

 Masks are required for entry into our facility. Thank you for your support!


We highly recommend you reserve tickets in advance and sign waivers in advance as space will be extremely limited for these sessions.  By reserving and paying online, you can take advantage of our touchless registration, waivers, and payments. We can have a maximum of 15 players for outdoor laser tag sessions. Be prepared to have your group divide up into two teams.


OUTDOOR Laser Tag  Open Sessions (ages 7+):


Monday-Friday Reservation Only with groups of 10 or more


Saturday- 4:00pm-5:30pm


Sunday- 4:00pm-5:30pm



If you don’t see the day or time you prefer, please call us 479-595-0055 or email info@modernmission.com.



***** If you wish to book a birthday party or group event within 48 hours or less of the desired date, please contact us BEFORE placing your reservation *****



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Outdoor Laser Tag Group (min 10 players)

Outdoor Laser Tag Group (min 10 players)

    • $220.00
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Event includes 10 players for outdoor laser tag. 4 + missions are included (approximately 90 minutes of battlefield time, which includes gearing up and de-gearing time). For more players, click on Additional Player to reserve more guns. 

You are reserving tickets during a PUBLIC time slot. You WILL be required to pay for 10 players regardless if you have 10 show up. 

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