Indoor Events

Indoor Events

If you don’t see the day or time you prefer (or if the time shows as booked),

please call 479-595-0055 or email info@modernmission.com.

Space is limited, be sure to reserve your tickets in advance online under our “Reserve now” tab or by phone at 479-595-0055.

We are often able to match groups by ages and/or group size. This makes for a super exciting battle. Please reserve for the total number of players as we have limited space during each session. Please note that your event might not be a private event. Please prepare your group to be divided into 2 teams.  For information regarding private events, please contact Modern Mission.

While checking out online please be sure you have chosen the correct time slot. Our group events are 60 minutes only while our party packages are 90 minutes each (60 minutes for play time 30 for the party space).

Each of the below packages is for 10 players. You can add additional players to your event while checking out.

If you have any “free session” passes you must contact us at 479-595-0055. They do not apply to our group, corporate, or birthday party packages.

***** If you wish to book an event within 48 hours or less of the desired date, please contact us BEFORE placing your reservation *****


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