Advanced Tactical

Advanced Tactical

What is Modern Mission Advanced Tactical?

  • Advanced Tactical Sessions are the future of scenario gaming.  Modern Mission uses the newest and most advanced projectile-less training platform available. It’s currently deployed with law enforcement, the F.B.I., the U.S. Army, and tactical training academies around the world. Law enforcement agencies and military forces benefit from this A.T.S. in many ways. Today’s changing battlefield and urban environments demand that soldiers and law enforcement officers continuously train in realistic locations to ensure they are prepared for any mission. The system offers an uncompromising training platform that mimics real weapons issued to tactical teams, which is used to train virtually anywhere.


Why Modern Mission Advanced Tactical?

  • Very realistic, yet safe equipment – NO weird looking tubes, boxes, or space guns
  • Tactical game play – Strategy wins the day, not endlessly running around.
  • Full featured arenas stimulating all senses – Smell, sight, sound, and touch.
  • Brings online first person shooter gaming to life – Same intensity and more action.
  • Complete scoring and player ranking – See who is the best around the world.
  • Family friendly and great for team building.
  • Very durable equipment made for professional use and abuse.


How Real Is It?

  • Equipment modeled after real world battle gear.
  • Actual ammunition accountability – Must insert new magazine to keep firing.
  • Real weapon recoil and noise – You’ll know when you’re shooting or being shot.
  • Very safe – Fires no projectiles and cannot be made into a real firearm.
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