Advanced Tactical

Advanced Tactical

What is Modern Mission Advanced Tactical?

  • Advanced Tactical Sessions take it to the next level at Modern Mission. Jump into sessions restricted to ages 12+ for an intense hour of missions.
  • How does this differ from our normal sessions? You will use vest, headbands, and our most advanced rifles. You will also be able to create your own custom user name (gamertag) that keeps track of your stats and level progress. Whether you use an SMG or the Tactical Shotgun you will get realistic kickback from your rifle.
  • The price is $25+ tax per player and our sessions only run at 8:30pm on Friday and Saturday evenings.


Why Modern Mission Advanced Tactical?

  • Very realistic, yet safe equipment – NO weird looking tubes, boxes, or space guns
  • Tactical game play – Strategy wins the day, not endlessly running around.
  • Full featured arenas stimulating all senses – Smell, sight, sound, and touch.
  • Brings online first person shooter gaming to life – Same intensity and more action.
  • Complete scoring and player ranking – See who is the best around the world.
  • Family friendly and great for team building.
  • Very durable equipment made for professional use and abuse.


How Real Is It?

  • Equipment modeled after real world battle gear.
  • Actual ammunition accountability
  • Real weapon recoil and noise – You’ll know when you’re shooting or being shot.
  • Very safe – Fires no projectiles and cannot be made into a real firearm.
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