Let’s face it. When it comes to planning a great outdoor party in Northwest Arkansas, there are plenty of great choices to choose from. One of the top outdoor party entertainment ideas in NWA is laser tag at Modern Mission. Modern Mission has the latest and greatest technology available to the outdoor laser tag industry. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, tactical outdoor laser tag at Modern Mission is so much fun that we’ve had people travel all the way from Little Rock, AR, Southwest Missouri and Northeast Oklahoma to play at our facility. Today we’re going to give you five reasons that people often choose Modern Mission Laser Tag for the perfect birthday celebration:

1) Laser tag offers a great party experience with no pain! We recently had a 13-year-old girl come to our facility for an open play. She was skeptical about playing at our facility because she had a bad experience playing paintball. She loved outdoor activities, but was scared that she was going to get injured. She ended up having a BLAST and scheduled her 14th birthday party with us. Because our technology uses infrared lights, there’s very little opportunity to get injured! Isn’t that the way it should be? Who wants to go to a birthday party and get pelted by hard pellets for two hours?

2) Laser Tag is fun for people of all ages: When you think of Modern Mission Laser Tag, do you think of young boys running around outside with realistic guns? Maybe some guys in their early 20’s? You may be surprised to hear that women of all ages have come to love Modern Mission as well. Exhibit A: We recently had a 39-year-old woman come out with her husband. She was hesitant to even participate, but eventually decided to play. She had such a great time at Modern Mission that she scheduled her 40th birthday party at our facility! We hear stories like this all the time, and know that men and women of any age will love the outdoor adventure that awaits at Modern Mission.

Modern Mission Sniper Rifle In Use
Use a Sniper Rifle to Experience Realistic Battle!

3) Laser tag is like playing in a video game. We hear it all the time. People love the technology that we use because it looks and feels like REAL weapons that are used on the battlefield. One of the most popular video game genres are first person shooters like “Modern Warfare”. Instead of sitting on the couch while playing a video game, playing outdoor laser tag at Modern Mission allows you to feel as though you are actually in the game!

4) You don’t have to wear any bulky gear to enjoy outdoor laser tag. We even have our indoor laser tag friends beat on this one. If you’ve ever played laser tag in a family fun center, you will surely remember the bulky vests. If you’ve ever played paintball, you know that you have to protect yourself with bulky clothing. However, technology in the outdoor laser tag industry is so advanced that you only have to wear small sensors on your head. It feels like nothing more than wearing a head band!

5) Outdoor laser tag allows the user to have realistic battle experience. Outdoor laser tag at Modern Mission provides you with such a realistic battle experience that law enforcement agencies as well as military agencies have conducted training exercises using our equipment. Looking to use a sniper rifle that emulates a sniper rifle that is actually used on the battle field? We have that! Modern Mission carries all of the weapons that you would actually use on the battle field.

Of course the list goes on, but the bottom line is this: If you’re looking for a great place to schedule your next party (or even law enforcement and military training exercise), you should look no further than Modern Mission! YOU WILL LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF YOUR MODERN MISSION EXPERIENCE!