Team Elimination

In the Team Elimination mission, both teams start out at their own base camp. First team to search out and eliminate their enemy wins.

Capture the Flag

Modern Mission Outdoor Laser Tag in Northwest ArkansasIn the Capture the Flag mission, each team is given a base flag that they must protect. Teams must infiltrate their enemies base, remove the flag and return it to their own base.

Search & Rescue

The Search and Rescue mission is similar to Call of Duty in that one team is given a specific area or article to protect, while the other team is deployed on a search and rescue mission.


Modern Mission Outdoor Laser Tag in Fayetteville ArkansasThe Halo mission is another form of team elimination, however our sophisticated weapons allow you the ability to have a virtual shield, similar to the HALO game. Each player can take several hits to their shields before losing life points. If a player hides while being hit, their shield will regenerate allowing them to save their life points.


The D-Day mission is a great history lesson on how difficult it was for our troops to invade the beaches of Normandy. One team will storm the “beach” while the other team defends behind .50 caliber weapons.

Escort Mission

Modern Mission Outdoor Laser Tag - Northwest ArkansasIn the Escort Mission, one team will escort a high ranking official to a specific location. The other team will try to overthrow and capture the official.

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