In this game we have one team attacking and the other team defending. We try to give everyone a little feeling of just what happened that day June 6, 1944. The attacking team will be setting up in our assault craft that we built specifically for this mission, meanwhile the defending team will be setting up in two highly defend-able bunkers only a few hundred yards away. Once we yell “game on” it’s up to the attacking team to take control of both bunkers as quickly as possible. Each bunker has its perks including a .50 caliber machine gun positioned in one. In order for the attacking team to claim control of a bunker they must hold down the red button on our domination cube, each cube takes 15 seconds to capture. If a bunker is taken the attacking team gains a five minute increase in time, and once a bunker is taken it cannot be reclaimed.  This game is quite difficult for the attacking team but not impossible.
Each game will last between 10-15 minutes long.

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